John Turner days update...

Today Toronto MP Bob Rae must have read my blog or the Liberal Party caucus duct taped his mouth and slapped him upside the back of the head.  Rae officially bowed out of the Liberal leadership campaign after comments yesterday he was upset on how the interim leader would be chosen.  Rae immediately resolved to offer his "full and unqualified" support to Michael Ignatieff.
In fact this move today, instigated a response from current PM Stephan Harper, offering to meet with the new Liberal leader to discuss cooperation and "to work together" on the issue of the economy.  
Smart political strategy on Harper's part knowing Ignatieff has always been 'on the fence' to the coalition deal Dion had put together. 

All 4 parties should take a page out of the campaign of Liberal Jean Charest's historical majority win in Quebec last night.  No Premier has won 3 consecutive mandates in Quebec since Maurice Duplessis circa 1950's.   Charest's message reminded people " the economic storm in front of us won't make any distinction between federalists, sovereigntists,  and any other Quebecers".   He's right.  It won't discriminate against the rest of Canada either.

Charest's ability to win over the Quebec masses impresses me.  Formerly a Tory MP turned Liberal Premier shows his political finesse; the tact to defend the Bloc Quebecois as a legitimate political party in Canada looking after the interests of Quebecers and diffusing issues of secession impresses me even more.  What he understands best is a united people will better shield itself from the economic turmoil that lies ahead.  
Times like now reflect those reminiscent of Bush versus Gore in the 2000 election; none of the candidates in the opinion of the people were leaders anyone want to run the country.
I do not know much about Ignatieff other than he is a left-wing centre scholar that once taught at Harvard; he actively defends human rights and democracy issues, feels Canada should reduce its dependance on American markets, and most importantly, he has no ties to the Chretien Era.  

Sounds better already.

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