Pricebook 2011: Edmonton Food Prices...going up...

So it has begun... economists and main stream media have been announcing since the New Year, food prices across the board will be increasing... from Loblaw's to Tim Horton's to George Weston; all have announced price increases due to world commodity and food prices increasing.... By next year, Canadians will be paying 5-7% more for their groceries.

Don't know if anyone has noticed but prices at all the grocery stores in Edmonton has been creeping up as of late including those at Costco and Superstore especially meat, bread, and milk. for instance, top sirloin steaks on my Feb. 21st Pricebook was $8.99/kg at Costco, now it is $10.99/kg; Striploin NY cut steaks at Costco were $15.99/kg, now $16.99/ kg; Superstore has increased their Old Mill bread 2 cents per loaf; and, lean ground beef at Superstore increased 49 cents per kg.

For this month's Pricebook grocery comparison, I only looked at 3 stores: Superstore was always the runaway winner in Max's Food Basket and CTV's Calgary Grocery Comparison; so, a head-to-head battle with Costco, our last month's winner. Sobey's is included in the list to give an idea where the rest of the other stores such as Safeway and Save-On Foods and Walmart should be as their prices are comparable to Sobey's.

All items were adjusted accordingly to the same per unit sizing as indicated on the chart. Items were selected to be the same brand in each store to the best of my ability or the cheapest warehouse package pricing I could find at the time. Keep in mind these prices are for the given date and include all sales, coupons, and membership pricing programs. All items were priced at Edmonton west-end locations and prices may vary between chain-store locations.

So, once again our clear cut winner is Costco, where the total cart amounted to $248.44.
The same items at Superstore cost $252.67 and at Sobey's they were $286.88.

Best deals of the weekend: Sobey's has striploin NY cut steaks for $21.14/kg but they are selling them buy one, get one free this weekend (1.5kg trays). Sobey's has great deals on chicken drumsticks and thighs with skin are $4.39/kg and strawberries (2lb) are $2.99 each and banana are $0.49 per lb.
Costco has bacon 4x500g packs for $11.29. Most everything else is their regular pricing.
Superstore has a great promotion on bathroom tissue: Royale 24 double rolls for $8.97; cereal are $5.98 for jumbo sized boxes; and the best deal on pork sausages at $5.18/kg.

Ed's Pricebook; Edmonton grocery price Comparison March 18, 2011

This month I've taken items such as Claritin, Tylenol, and Advil off the list; and added more food items such as striploin steaks, salmon fillets, lean ground pork, Tropicana orange juice, chicken wings, etc.; just for the fact most people would be more apt to buy those food items on a weekly basis than they would over the counter medicine; plus Costco's bulk drugs blew all other competitors away hence skewing our comparison.

In the coming months I hope to track increasing food prices the same way; with a head-to-head comparison between Costco and Superstore and throw one of Safeway, Save-On Foods, Walmart, or Sobey's in the mix. Also, I will attempt to add more dry goods items such as peanut butter, ketchup, etc.

Now that's better...

One simple phone call is all it took.... just got my telephone bill from Telus... credit of $25.90... wow how about that?

Back in February, I was taken aback seeing how much our fucking household monthly bills were... I looked into it further and had to make a few 'austerity measures' on a few certain items we weren't using but was paying for anyways...

I remembered a tip I got from one of those computer geeks at Memory Express: he told me I should check my home internet speed; Telus and Shaw may throttle your speed down and won't tell you about it; fucking you in the process... in fact, most ISPs will continue to charge you certain older rates for your internet service but will also offer cheaper rates for higher speeds; and/or have your service run at slower speeds and though they are paying for the higher speed and bandwidth as most clients are asshats and are oblivious to it. Most will just pay their bill every month like the fucktards that they are... So I checked it out, like the psychopath that I am....

I went to Speedtest.net and found I was paying for 6Mbps download speed (Telus highest speed back circa 2001) but getting only 3Mbps download speed; AND, the price I was paying to Telus was $5.00 more per month than the 15Mbps service they were offering without a contract.

So, with no questions asked the asshat at customer service at Telus upped me to the 15Mbps service for $10.00 LESS than what I paying per month before. Fuck me running sideways with a 1200 baud modem up my ass but I could've easily just went for the usual 6Mbps for less money but internet usage is huge in my household.

This time, I needed to fix my phone bill... we had an old phone bundle that wasn't offered anymore: included call display, call waiting, voice mail, and 200 minutes of long distance free per month... with high speed internet (15Mbps), the bill per month was $86.87!

We decided call waiting was too fucking annoying; it always beeped on a call and when you answered it usually was a degenerate phone solicitor anyways. The voice mail was always full of these vagrant 2-bit huckster bankers wanting to sell you their insurance. And we rarely used long distance. But, call display was a necessity.., the only feature we really used anyways. You never know when work is gonna call and they always do and want ya to come into work on a long weekend, when you've been pounding back the Pabst Blue Ribbon by the case... call display. Necessity.

One call to Telus to cut off some features and they automatically offered me to keep my existing package and they would give me 15% off per month! Nope... cut it down bitch-- to basic phone and one feature I told the rep... well fuck me running sideways again with that ancient modem, call display is FREE now!! Long distance is only 4cents per minute! Phone package is only $26.00 minus $5 bundle savings; total monthly bill with high speed internet would come to I expect $64.63!

A monthly savings of $22.24! Annual savings of $266.88!! With just one phone call..... Thing is, those goat fuckers at Telus should at least tell you..nope.

Minor Hockey Playoffs 2011 continued...

Disclaimer: this commentary and related videos are entirely biased toward my eldest son's team, The NW348 Whitemud West Bulldogs....it was made for him and for his team mates' enjoyment and for entertainment purposes only. Comments made here is of the opinion of the author and any offense taken to anything written here is purely coincidental and unintentional and does not reflect the opinions or sentiments of Whitemud West Hockey Assn. or the NW348 Bulldogs or any other team mentioned below.

Atom Flyers Division: NW348 WMW Bulldogs vs. NE194 Garrison Warriors

Apologies to the friends, fans, and families of the NW348 Bulldogs as I missed quite the Game 2 on Tuesday, March 15th, as we faced off against our club and divisional rivals, the NW346 Knights.

Piecing together what I've heard from both teams' parents, it was quite the game: going into the 5th OT period one-on-one with EC #4 potting the game winning goal to give our boys the victory and a pass into the quarters! And, from what I hear some of the officiating was questionable again including the tying goal and the winning goal.. heard we could've used some video replay but... whether the goal was controversial or not, the refs made the official call and finally after a full season of receiving the short end of the stick from the refs, we finally got a call going our way... I like to think of it as Karma... for this one earlier this season: against the same team; what should've been the game winning goal which called back by the refs ....

Anyways .. Game 3... quarter finals matchup versus the NE194 Garrison Warriors...winner gets a bye into the 2011 Playoff finals..

Starting the game a bit lethargic, our boys found themselves doing more watching than skating in the first few shifts; Garrison took advantage and a 2-0 lead by the fourth shift of the first period. But from that point on, Parker #1 shut the door in net and the D found their game again giving the Bulldogs a chance to mount their comeback....our boys actually out-chanced the chippy Garrison team throughout the game but could only come within one goal.... 2-1 LOSS for our boys... a good effort regardless Bulldogs!

Goal: Matthew #11; Assist to Jayden #16

Player of the game: Matthew #11
Honourable Mention: Justin #12, Michael #6

Next up: Semi finals.... Terwillegar A.. 6:15PM, Monday, March 21st...


CTV's Grocery Prices Comparison..Calgary

Here is CTV's grocery price comparison for March 2011 for Calgary stores... And yet, again , Calgary like Edmonton prices, has Superstore winning the lot with the lowest prices again. Expect much of the same prices on average for Edmonton; some items may be more expensive here and some in Calgary.... but on average very much the same results... Superstore= cheapest.

CTV grocery price comparison for March - CTV News, Shows and Sports -- Canadian Television

Stay tuned for my own March 2011 comparison for Edmonton grocery stores soon... been busy with the boys' minor hockey playoffs all week..


More Hockey!! WooHoo!! Minor Hockey Playoffs 2011

Minor Hockey Playoffs: Novice Williams Division: Game 1: NW330 WMW Warriors versus SW569 Confederation Sharks

Early 8AM game; clocks move forward one hour ahead for daylight saving; so really like a 7AM game... what a way to start the playoffs for our Warriors... and the time change didn't help as our boys in darks togs fell behind 3-ZIP early in the first period... But our goalie Clark #4 made some outstanding saves to keep it close so our boys could mount a comeback...

Alex #13 started it off slamming one in for his first goal taking a feed from behind the goal line from Evan #14 before the end of the first period. Stuart #1 went coast to coast twice for a couple: once in the second frame and another late in the third to come within one but a fluke goal early in the third solidified the win for the Sharks; our boys ran out of time before they could send it into extra time. Good try boys! 4-3 LOSS.

Goal 1) Alex #13; assist to Evan #14 and Stuart #1
Goal 2) Stuart #1; assist to Josh #2
Goal 3) Stuart #1, unassisted.

So who conjured up the idea of setting our clocks forwards anyways?? At least we can blame all our gaffs and mistakes for the next 3 days on the time change...."late again! darn time change!!" Next year I vote to move clocks forward on a work day... like Monday....around 3-4PM... "oh wow... It's time to go home already?? Yeah!"

Next up: We face the 2011 Minor Hockey Week Williams Division champs, the SW643 SWAT Bullets at Crestwood at 7:30PM this Friday, March 18th...

For the Minor Hockey Week 2011 NW330 Warriors videos..click here.