My Pricebook: Edmonton Grocery Prices Comparison- April 17, 2011- Food has gone up again!

Well folks, here we go again! We knew food and groceries were going to go up and they did... inflation levels according to main stream media were as high as they were during the oil boom before the recession...and looking around the Costco this weekend, groceries were noticeably higher.

In this month's comparison, I've only included a Costco vs. Superstore comparison but also added last month's prices to see how much both stores have went up compared to each other.

For a comparison of Superstore, the usual clear cut winner when not compared with the bulk buying of Costco, to other grocery stores take a look at this month's CTV Grocery comparison in Calgary by Sylvia Kong here.

This month our cart at Costco cost us $258.73; that's $10.29 more than it cost last month but still managed to beat out Superstore's prices by $4.39. Superstore prices cost us $10.45 more than it did last month. Both Costco and Superstore prices had total percentage increase of 4% over last month's cart prices.

Some prices did come down though... at Costco only 4 items came down in price while 11 items came down in price at Superstore. But, Costco only had 8 items go up in price compared to Superstore's 18 items...

Keep in mind these prices are for the given date and include all current sales, coupons, and membership pricing programs. All items were priced at Edmonton west-end locations and pricing may vary between chain-store locations. Prices in the second column are for April 17th, 2011 and prices in GREEN indicate a price INCREASE and prices in RED indicate a price DECREASE from March 18th.

Food Prices Comparison April 17, 2011

Not a big deal? It's only $10! What's 4%??? Remember all items have been adjusted to per unit sizing for comparison sake; so that 4% increase means my weekly $400 Costco tab cost me $16 more; $64 more this month than last which adds up to another $768 annually IF things don't go up anymore this year which is unlikely. Also, I buy my groceries and pay my bills with after tax monies...I don't recall my net wages increasing 4% lately...

With such drastic increases to our grocery bills as of late along with fuel and utilities going up also, we're already feeling the pinch. It's no wonder reality shows like Extreme Couponing have made clipping coupons across Canada an instant phenomenon. Watching those Americans buy $600 worth of groceries and only paying $4 has inspired many like my wife to watch for online and newspaper coupons much more diligently in the past month... It will be interesting if this trend continues to pick up momentum in Canada..hopefully better deals will offset some of these rising costs of food in the coming months..we will see...