It's All About Maps... AAPL

AAPL up in pre-market on iPad Mini rumours aplenty... where have we seen this song and dance before??

Why do they bother releasing a product for media and haters to mock? Hasn't EVERY Apple product ever released been the greatest disappointment and THE end of Apple??? iMac, OSX, Macbook Air, iPod, iPhone, iPad... Sure, AAPL is selling stupid as fuck amounts of iPhone5's and iPads; they make stupid as fuck amounts of money from those products and they have stupid as fuck amounts of cash..


It's all about the sorry exhibition that is Maps these days. GoogleMaps is suddenly the end-all be-all bible of maps.. Seriously, when was the last time you grabbed the free pullout map from the Fodor's and were so utterly pissed that you couldn't see your fucking urinal on it...??

"This is such fucking bullshit... This is nothing like the Rand/McNally maps I get at the gas station!! I'll never buy a Fodor's travel guide AGAIN!! If Steve Jobs were alive, he'd never let this happen.."
Perhaps Apple needs to be more like its peers....

Look at RIMM :
"BB10 will be released MAYBE sometime in the next 2 years and we have a pretty good chance to be the Number 3 smartphone maker in the world.." 
RIMM is now UP 25% in the last 5 days...

Or how about AMZN?
"We are in the business of losing money but maybe sometime in the next decade we may turn a profit..."
AMZN Stock is UP 40%..

And FB....
"We really do care for our shareholders..no no we really do.."
FB Stock UP 20% since the Zuckerberg pep-talk...

GOOG. For the love of metrosexual men in tight Lululemon pants sticking their fat faces in lions' mouths, you'd think GOOG sold 5 million Nexus 7's in 3 days the way its stock is ripping tits!!!

And I have the pleasure of holding AAPL long through another correction while I sit here selling my weekly OTM covered calls and awaiting on theta to do its thing; I am amused watching all the AAPL haters call for the end of Apple on Stocktwits AGAIN... why so much energy is spent justifying their asshat Samsung or HTC purchase, I still don't understand...

Please. The only problem I see with Maps is the Tim Cook apology. I woulda fired Tim Cook's ass for being such a fucking WUSS... Steve Jobs would have never apologized for Maps; and Tim Cook shouldn't either.. And, the Maps app would have still been released with iOS6, Steve Jobs just would've sold it better...and we would've LOVED it.

"This has been blown so out of proportion that it's incredible.." "There is NO Antennagate.." -Steve Jobs
People are choked because they have been accustomed to being spoiled little fucking brats, having the best smartphone in the universe without realizing to remain the best, Apple NEEDED to dump GoogleMaps.. It is not like Tim Cook woke up one morning with an erect dick and decided to roll over and fuck Google...

To fully understand what happened between Apple and Google, all one has to do is look at Apple's relationship with Adobe...  Remember when everyone was pissed over not having fucking Flash on the iPhone? It was like suddenly we depended on pop-up ads to survive! Oh the outrage! Well, we know the outcome of that...  Now it's all about GoogleMaps..here we go again... At least we're not hearing the same bullshit, "But it's got Flash.." anymore...

AAPL green in pre-market trading but it's looking to sell off during the regular trading session like it does every fucking day...  especially with that monstrosity of an OI wall at the $670 and $680 strikes getting bigger by the minute... trade accordingly.

Good Morning $$