If I had Bill Gates' money...

It's funny how the people with no or little money know exactly what they would do if they were rich; we dream about it every day, so we should know, just in case we do happen to stumble on a lottery win or a grand inheritance.  But it never holds true the other way around:  you never see the rich dreaming about being poor...or even thinking about what if they lost all their money.  Big difference between those that "have" and those that "have not"... 

Even if you got caught up in the euphoria and success of the recent Alberta Oil Boom, made off like a bandit in the hysteria of the real estate boom, and think you have become one of the "haves" in the social echelon, this very notion will determine if you really have climbed the social ladder into the confines of the truly rich or you are just kidding yourself surrounding yourself with petty purchases in hopes of keeping up with the Jones'.  In fact, people like that worry about their finances every day; the Rich do not.

 With the recent Stock Market upheaval, do you really think Warren Buffett or Bill Gates, losing billions in equity of their holdings over the past year, are concerned with money, or lying awake in bed at nights thinking what they're going to do if they do not make their next month's payments?  I doubt it.  Only the people that have none worry about money.

The true Rich do not dream about having no money and in most cases, do not know what it is like to be poor.  And, they are so rich, they don't need money.  The reason is perhaps their wealth is not build on the foundations of credit borrowing or debt like the rest of us swimming among those of the "Middle-Class" or "working- poor"; which really is the same IMHO.  That is why the Rich can be broke but never poor.

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