The Case for Shopping at Superstore...

As mentioned in an earlier post, I used to go more often to Superstore for my weekly groceries, but have found the Superstore nearest my house had gone down in quality of their products especially fresh produce and meats, customer service has always been the worst of the major grocery stores, and the discounts weren't as good as they used to be. But, after looking at the last flyer, there were some deals there that could not be beat; so we did our most recent grocery stint there.

An article from Pennysaverblog.com:

I like to shop at Superstore for the majority of my groceries. Although shopping at Superstore can at times be inconvenient due to large crowds, if I go on weekday evenings I find it much more relaxing and simple to shop there. I have saved hundreds of dollars each year by shopping there and I highly recommend it if you are looking for ways to decrease your grocery bill without having to buy less.

Below are a few of the major reasons why I choose to shop at Superstore:

*They have cheaper food prices than most grocery stores. I have compared grocery prices with Sobey’s, Safeway, and a few smaller grocery store chains and have found that for the most part, Superstore is the cheapest. Costco’s prices are similar to Superstore’s, but Superstore has the advantage of offering different types of brands rather than just one or two brands for each item.

*They have a wide variety of products and a nice selection of produce that is usually fresh. We like to eat a lot of different types of ethnic foods. Superstore often has a whole aisle devoted to imported foods that can’t be found at most regular grocery stores.

*You can earn points every time you shop at Superstore if you use a President’s Choice Mastercard or debit card. After earning 20,000 points, you can redeem the points to get $20 off your grocery bill. You can earn extra points by bringing your own bags and bins instead of using disposable plastic bags. Just be sure to remind the clerks when they ring through your groceries. You need to be proactive at Superstore.

*If you buy your gas at Superstore, you get Superbucks that you can use towards your groceries. If you have a PC Mastercard or debit card, you will get more points than if you use another form of payment. My husband and I use a lot of gas, so we usually end up getting about $10.00 off our grocery bill every time we shop by using Superbucks. If you fill your prescriptions at the Superstore pharmacy, they will also give you Superbucks that you can use towards your groceries.

So, by shopping at Superstore you can take advantage of points, Superbucks, and inexpensive food costs. If you live near a Superstore, I would definitely encourage you to check it out the next time you go grocery shopping.

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