Portfolio Update...Playbook 2011

Its already mid February and time to check up on the ol' stocks...

$AAPL—still sticking with $AAPL- up over 10% since the start of the year. Ipads sales were incredible and news of the Verizon iPhone 4 selling out on initial pre-orders in less than 24 hours (close to a million) helps. With a P/E of 20 and , even at $360 per share, this is a cheap stock. Core holding- long.

$RIMM- I like it and am watching for an entry. Blackberry customers are loyal and RIM's numbers will continue to beat market expectations. No position.

AGs: the theme of 2011 continues. $AGU, $MOS, and $POT all beat expectations and posted great outlooks in the sector. Continuing to ride the momentum. Long $POT and $MOS; traded my $AGU shares to get in on the Potash 3 for 1 split. All AGs pulled back today—a great opportunity to pick up a few more shares. Looking for re-entry in $AGU.

Uranium: watching this sector carefully; uranium spot prices continue to rise. $CCO, $UUU, and $DML (all on TSX) are the market leaders to watch. No position.

$LULU: Traded my Lululemon shares for more Potash for the split. $LULU continues to grow and post great numbers... but its P/E and valuation remains quite high among its peers in the sector. I felt people need food before women's yoga apparel... No position. Looking for re-entry for the wife's TFSA hopefully in the high $60's.

$ZAGG- a great trader stock. Seems currently range bound between $9- $10 but will most likely pop through earnings. No position. Took profits recently and watching for re-entry in $8 range.

$SU- watching for re-entry under $38. Oil will continue to play a theme for 2011...it will toy with $100 bbl.

$CMI- continues to look great as a long position or a trader; load up under $106; take profits at $113 or over will make you a ton of bucks! Currently no position.

$MELI, $MCP- on the watchlist. No position.

$INT, $AAA- my Magic 8-Ball picks for 2011... Both on the TSX Venture exchange and both continue to hold up well forming solid bases after the hype clears. Long on both.

Do your own DD... I do not recommend BUYING any of these stocks without doing your own DD first... these are stocks I currently own or am trading.... watch for any updates on my twitter feeds or facebook updates.

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