Minor Hockey Playoffs 2011 continued... Novice...

Whew! What a weekend for most hockey parents in Edmonton... in Canada for that matter... minor hockey playoffs continues.. I like to take these videos to track my own kids' progress in hockey and to save as mementos... but it makes it all worthwhile when that one kid comes up to me and says..."did you see that shot I blocked?" or "did you catch that goal I scored?" "can you put it on YouTube?"

Disclaimer: this commentary and related videos are entirely biased toward my son's hockey team, the NW330 Whitemud West Warriors....it was made for him and for his team mates' enjoyment and for entertainment purposes only. Comments made here is of the opinion of the author and any offense taken to anything written here is purely coincidental and unintentional and does not reflect the opinions or sentiments of the coaches, Whitemud West Hockey Assn. or the NW330 Warriors or any other team mentioned here.

Novice Williams Division: NW330 WMW Warriors vs. SW643 SWAT Bullets

It was a fairly close game going in tied 2-2 into the third period, but the Bullets stepped up their game and our boys couldn't come up with the scoring to keep it close... 6-3 loss for the Warriors.

1) Curtis #8; assist to Alex #12
2) Alexander #13; assist to Cale #15
3) Alex #12, unassisted.

Novice Williams Division: NW330 WMW Warriors vs. SE466 North Seera Lightning Bolts

Another close game but our boys found their scoring touch in the third period to win the game 3-1 against the Bolts!

1) Stuart #1; Assist to Curtis #8.
2) Cale #15; assists to Alexander #13 and Stuart #1
3) Josh #2; assist to Parker #10

Novice Williams Division Finals: NW330 Warriors vs. EG690 Ice Breakers

A nail-biter of a game where our boys broke out to an early 3-1 lead but our goalie Clark #4 slammed the door shut ensuring our boys would put on some gold medals at the end of the game!! 3-1 Victory!


1) Stuart #1, unassisted.
2) Stuart #1, assist to Evan #14
3) Alex #12, assists to Jack #6 and Evan #14

A special thanks goes out to Coach Jay, Asst. Coach Chris, Asst. Coach Steve, Asst. Coach Chad for volunteering their valuable time, effort, and patience to coach and teach our boys why hockey is our favourite national pastime!

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Lorena said...

These videos were great! Thanks!

Thanks also to our coaches! We were extremely lucky to have such patient and caring people teaching our kids! Alex loved his year and it was so much in part to his great coaches. It is only a day past, and we already miss hockey.