Get Ready to Pay More Taxes Fuckers...

Once again, like we do every year, we fall for the City's annual bait and switch Ponzi scheme and must pull hook, line, and sinker out of our fucking asses.

This year, Mandel and his cronies gave us preliminary estimates of an 8.6% increase to our property taxes; but when everything is said and done, the increase will amount to a more probable 5.5% increase in property taxes.

And, in fine Edmontonian dicksucking fashion, everyone, of course, will feel joy and elation since it was only a 5.5% increase instead of the original 8.6% estimate and justify City councillors giving themselves another pay raise by touting "well, its still cheaper than what New Yorkers pay for their taxes; plus, our homes went up in value by egregious amounts last year..."

Yeah? Well, you Sir, are an asshat. Fuck you and the dick you rode in on...

A 5.5% increase is still more than double our local consumer inflation rate! For the love of retarded midgets shot out of cannons, you're comparing living in Millwoods to Manhattan???

That's akin to walking into the Walmart, seeing a jug of milk is priced at $3000; but then, upon getting to the cashier, you ejaculate all over floor because you only had to pay $1000 for said milk... what a deal!!

Justification: "I just saved $2 grand on my milk!! Those fuckers at Nordstrom's pay more for a bottle of Bordeaux!!"

"...plus my home value went up again this week!! Woohoo!!"

Yeah. We're different here alright.

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