Blame Walmart for Stevie J's No-show @ Macworld?

Apple fans world-wide are up in arms reacting to Apple pulling out of Macworld ; an example seen here, by Tonya Engst of TidBits, another Mac Blogsite...

Emotionally it is saddening as I will indeed miss the anticipation of the annual ritual of what Apple will release every January since 1985.  But, in retrospect, it may be a good thing as Apple products' releases won't be rushed just for the annual trade show immediately after the frenzy of the Christmas buying season. 

And, though CNBC's Jim Goldman has hinted why Steve Jobs is not speaking at Apple's final Macworld appearance is "more about politics than his pancreas".  I personally think it has more to do with Walmart than IDG/ Apple relations.  Walmart stores are slated to start selling iPhones after Christmas.  And, because of the sheer size of Walmart and its potential to boost iPhones sales despite a weak retail sector in an economic downturn,  Apple, in keeping a good a vendor rapport with the retail giant, may demand Steve Jobs to do an iPhone launch event with Walmart instead of doing his usual Macworld keynote.  This of course is speculation on my part though.  

Apple doing an CES event in Las Vegas this year and stealing the show away from every other competing electronic company this year would also appease most Apple fanboys' tastebuds.  A Steve Jobs "one more thing" appearance at CES would indeed knock the wind out of the likes of Sony, Microsoft,  and Nintendo upon a coinciding launch of a new Apple video gaming console.  Indeed, it would make things a lot more interesting than the usual 'oh, we tweaked the Mini  and revamped the AppleTV again' keynote in San Francisco.

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