Only 20 more days til Macworld 2009. Here's the latest rumors..

It's 10 days before Christmas and the rumors are out all over the net guessing what Stevie J is going to show us at Macworld 2009 in January...  Other than the revamped Mac mini, 32GB iPhone, and Snow Leopard rumors, here are some of the more interesting ones I have run into as seen in MacLife's latest issue...

The Apple "Tri-Book... multiple screen laptop ;  As Steve Jobs stated before: Apple won't release a cheap 'netbook' so I guess they'll go against the grain and go for the bigger more expensive laptop;  because 17" is just not enough..

The Apple "Gamedock"... the Wii killer or just another attempt to revamp the AppleTV .... 

A Lego Mac mini... why nobody knows.. maybe to cash into the Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman, Lego Indiana Jones mania... my kids would die for one..

And finally, the "iCom"- a fancy alarm clock, digital picture frame and iPod Touch built into one... nobody definitely needs one of these....that's why it would sell.

I still like last year's rumors that never did appear at Macworld 2008... remember all the  Macbook Touch rumors floating around the net.. still, I would buy one tomorrow upon its announcement!!!

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