Let the 2011 Minor Hockey Playoffs Begin!!!

The news of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan the last couple of days really puts things in perspective doesn't it? Prayers go out to the people of Japan and anyone here that has relatives or friends there now.... It makes us all realize how lucky we really are to be here on this side of the world. No matter how much you money make, how well you can save for retirement, or how well you can pick stocks, it is all for nothing if we don't have our personal lives....our families...So time out now with all the personal finance rambling I've been doing as of late on this blog... let us enjoy the reason why we work so hard, scrimp and save our pennies, rack our brains out to make it all work... so we can enjoy the finer things in life like hockey time with our boys!

In Canada they say hockey is life... the rest is details... in times like these, I tend to agree...

Let the 2011 Minor Hockey Playoffs begin!!

I haven't written a commentary on a hockey game in a while; not since I volunteered to be my son's hockey team's webmaster last season so please excuse the spelling mistakes and foul language...
Disclaimer: this commentary and related videos are entirely biased toward my eldest son's team, The NW348 Whitemud West Bulldogs....it was made for him and for his team mates' enjoyment and for entertainment purposes only. Comments made here is of the opinion of the author and any offense taken to anything written here is purely coincidental and unintentional and does not reflect the opinions or sentiments of Whitemud West Hockey Assn. or the NW348 Bulldogs or any other team mentioned below.

Game 1: Atom Flyers Division: NW348 WMW Bulldogs vs. SW582 Confederation Kraken....
Whew! What a way to start the playoffs!!! Yeah...when a goalie flashes the leather and snags a wicked one out of mid air.... at this level, isn't that like the greatest save ever!!

Our boys (in white) started the first period a bit sluggish and the aggressive play by the Confed Kraken limited our boys to only 2 shots in the first period. Our goalie Parker #1 was peppered throughout the first period by Confed but he was an absolute wall today and gave the Bulldogs the chance-to-win that they needed; down 2-0 midway through the second period, our boys started their comeback potting 4 unanswered goals to take the lead going into the third!

Some questionable non-calls by the refs along with some gritty work by the Kraken enabled them to tie the game up 4-all with 1:43 left in the game. Starting the first overtime period short-handed, our D held the line with some outstanding blocks from Isaac #15 and Jesse #10; while Parker stood on his head making save after save... finally in the 4th OT period playing 2-on-2, Matthew #11 broke out alone off the face-off and put it home for the hat and for the win!! 5-4 Bulldogs WIN!! Good job boys!!

Highlights Reel:
Goals: 1) Matthew #11; assist from Jesse #10
2) Jody #7, unassisted
3) EC #4; assist from Ryan #5
4)Matthew #11, assists from Justin #12 and Isaac #15
5) Matthew #11, unassisted.

Player of the game: Parker #1- outstanding performance in net and kept the boys in it throughout!; honourable mention to Jesse #10 and Isaac #15 with some fine defensive prowess on the blue-line. Player of the game today deserves his own video:

Next up: our home club and division rivals..the NW346 WMW Knights! Tuesday night..7:30PM Confederation Arena! See you there!

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