More Hockey!! WooHoo!! Minor Hockey Playoffs 2011

Minor Hockey Playoffs: Novice Williams Division: Game 1: NW330 WMW Warriors versus SW569 Confederation Sharks

Early 8AM game; clocks move forward one hour ahead for daylight saving; so really like a 7AM game... what a way to start the playoffs for our Warriors... and the time change didn't help as our boys in darks togs fell behind 3-ZIP early in the first period... But our goalie Clark #4 made some outstanding saves to keep it close so our boys could mount a comeback...

Alex #13 started it off slamming one in for his first goal taking a feed from behind the goal line from Evan #14 before the end of the first period. Stuart #1 went coast to coast twice for a couple: once in the second frame and another late in the third to come within one but a fluke goal early in the third solidified the win for the Sharks; our boys ran out of time before they could send it into extra time. Good try boys! 4-3 LOSS.

Goal 1) Alex #13; assist to Evan #14 and Stuart #1
Goal 2) Stuart #1; assist to Josh #2
Goal 3) Stuart #1, unassisted.

So who conjured up the idea of setting our clocks forwards anyways?? At least we can blame all our gaffs and mistakes for the next 3 days on the time change...."late again! darn time change!!" Next year I vote to move clocks forward on a work day... like Monday....around 3-4PM... "oh wow... It's time to go home already?? Yeah!"

Next up: We face the 2011 Minor Hockey Week Williams Division champs, the SW643 SWAT Bullets at Crestwood at 7:30PM this Friday, March 18th...

For the Minor Hockey Week 2011 NW330 Warriors videos..click here.

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