Get Off Your High-Horse, Doc...

In a new report, it says 83% of US doctors have considered quitting because of Obamacare.

Say what?? Seriously, who the fuck do they think they are anyways? The power company?? EPCOR?? (please feel free to refer back to my last rant) They figure they can do whatever the fuck they want, charge whatever the fuck they want, just because they so happen to wield the power of fucking Zeus...?

IMHO, it's about time these cocksuckers got punched the fuck off their high-horse; these fuckers had it way too fucking good for way too fucking long; sitting on their pedestals ordering nurses & other hospital staff around to their every whimsical caprice like some degenerate Southern farmer to his slave-- "Toby, I need you to change the yacht's oil and mow the fields AFTER you change out this old fucker's heart and wipe down his scrotum..." "Yes Massa.."

Western society put those fuckers on the pedestal.. "oh they save lives; we need them, they are the experts!"

Experts??? Have you EVER met a person who HASN'T had at least one story to tell of either themselves or someone they know, that has been misdiagnosed by some doctor in some way?

Well, they don't fool me. Those fuckers are guessing it--they're fucking winging it-- they don't really know what the fuck is wrong with you-- it's no different than the Canadian Tire mechanic fixing your car-- we'll just start changing out parts until the problem is fixed...$3000 later for a simple oil change and you're good to go...Call me in the morning. A good fuck is still a good fuck no matter who's handing it out.

We're no better off in Canada either... we just get our health care fees deducted from all our paycheques our entire lives via taxes, and because all this shit is hidden from us, it somehow this makes us believe we are getting some sort of "group discount" at Walmart instead of getting bent over and getting the "Royal Treatment". Thing is, everyone here wants a US-style of health care system because for some reason just because our average home price went up in value and we missed the 2008 collapse, we are somehow entitled to be ahead of that kid with cancer in the hospital lineup.

Health Care should be like that of Mexico or Thailand; Doctors are just regular 'Joe tradesmen' who will fuck you with their thumbs for minimum wage.

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