Happy Earth Day. Fuck You.

Happy Earth Day. 

Now what kind of nanny state clown fucking hippy dreamt up this stupid holiday, to remind us all to be nice to Earth and shit?? 

Oh wait, I suppose you BELIEVE we should all invest morally too; we should all vote ethically like we have some sort of panoramic democracy, and throw flowers at each other while we sing kumba yah in bare feet and burlap dresses, in celebration of our free healthcare and vast oil & timber supplies....

Well.. I happen to live in the real world--in the ghetto of Alberta, we take naps and drive big SUVs; we profit from selling ALL our natural resources to our neighbors, then bitch and shit on them for buying so much of it; we buy cheap shit from China, then shit on them for making them so cheap; we eat fatty burgers then shit on McDonald's for making us fat; and we pay premium dinero to live in big ass mansions on tiny lots so we can flaunt to the Joneses the extra rider fees and delivery charges to heat all that empty space that we don't need.

I work in a fucking refinery that stinks of cancer, and I am going in today to make sure it continues to stink of cancer...

Fuck Earth Day.

So, to celebrate this momentous occasion, I am driving to work doing 180 down residential roads, tapping this drivel on my iPhone while throwing plastic milk jugs and aerosol cans out the window... and I would do so even if it weren't Earth Day... just to let you know personally "Fuck You"

It is Sunday you know and markets are closed. I would be checking my portfolio but that's fucked too.

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