Oh Boy! Danni-Dollars!!

Natural gas and coal continue to get clown raped and will be obsolete soon. It's not like anyone needs those kind of dirty old man fuels for anything important like simple creature comforts such as heat or electricity anymore... 

In Alberta, we're all more than happy to pay peak rates that only consist of: Administration fees, Transaction fees, Delivery charges, ATCO Fixed charges, ATCO Variable charges, Transmission Service Chg Riders, Weather Adjustment Rider, and Shortfall Rider fees...

My last monthly natty bill: $145.00; $45.00 for gas (at $2.00 per GJ (market price=$1.90 per million BTUs; 1 BTU= 1.05 GJ)); $100 just for fees and charges...

Thing is, Albertans LOVE this shit with animalistic violence and are we are willing to vote for anyone that will make our healthcare system the same way. AWESOME! That $300 in Danni-Dollars will certainly come in handy now, no?

So long as our home values go up and the banks haven't cancelled our credit cards, do we really give a flying fuck??

Futures green from great earnings calls from $GE $HON and $MCD..

I, for one, am pleased all you fucking vagrants are still satisfying your daily nutritional requirements with McDonald's fine cuisine. 

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