The AB 2012 Election. Getting Better Acquainted here..

Yesterday I got better acquainted with the campaign platforms for the upcoming Alberta Provincial election; merely to keep up with daily converse among my peers and to serve as a distraction from all the doomsday CNBC-type propaganda so I don't make any fucktarded decisions to blow my arms off or fuck myself from my unalienable right to succeed and live a pomp and hedonistic lifestyle off the backs of the less fortunate and arcane spending habits of the self-proclaimed rich...

But the more I delved into the realm of political degeneracy, the more I was reminded as to why I do not like to partake in the regular converse of politics anymore: all the candidates are asshats regardless of ideology or political party--professional hucksters that will say anything to fleece you of your precious vote and coin; and Alberta voters are a bunch of self-serving gluttonous vagrants embodied with a sense of entitlement of that of a spoiled rich kid driving 200mph around the city in daddy's Porsche flaunting his extraordinary wealth via $10,000 Louis Vuitton man-purses bought with mommy's credit card...

My temper is a lit stick of dynamite duct-taped to a Saddam-era Scud missile and I do not have the time nor the emotional disposition nor the inclination to engage in water cooler chitchat about the elitist "we're here for Alberta families- rich Alberta families"- type of promises from the Wildrose; or the "yeah we'll win just because..." ignorant stupidity of the PCs; or how virtuous taxing the fuck out of everybody and anybody the NDP and Libs make it sound. You see, unlike a great many of you here who like to divulge in relations with the mentally-ill, I am trying to make money.

Thing is, I would much rather push old people hog-tied to skateboards into open manholes than waste my time talking politics. So long as home prices knife higher and Big Oil runs the joint, what does it really matter which asshat gets voted in???

Futs have cocaine courtesy of printing presses of the Bank of Japan this morning. Let's get this straight shall we? Nobody is allowed to fail, everybody gets a bailout. Spain is next. 

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