OYE! AB Leaders Debate Tonite!

Oye.. Alberta leaders debate tonite... 

I would probably find it easier on my mood and sanity to simply crush my skull between the hot iron plates of a panini machine and cut my dick off with a blunt hacksaw while waiting in line overnight to pay $100K over ask on a pre-build condo in the Greater Toronto area than tolerate the arcane caprices of these candidates pander to the most basic animal impulses of the vagrant Albertan electorate, most of which will not even show up to the polls...

Yet, why do I find it so hard to turn my attention away from the greatest cat-fight since Neve went at it with Denise in "Wild Things"??

Being a stock trader, my morals equate to that of a 7-11 store clerk profiteering from the sale of pornography and cigarettes to 12-year old boys; I really should close both eyes and be LESS critical of the campaign platforms of these asshats-- their promises are trying to appease people like me...aren't we ALL part of the top 2% income earners in Canada and have membership in the ruling elite?? Please feel free to ADD peak home value and extra room on your credit lines to your household income when calculating this... Yeah.

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