It's Not About the iPhone 5 Dickface...

Looks like we're in full retard fuck you we're all dead crash mode with AAPL leading the charge... MMs are back from taking the summer off practicing degeneracy and it's time to fuck all of you out of your hard earned coin...

So quit trying to call the bottom and when AAPL is gonna reverse back to heaven and more, because this isn't about iPhone 5 sales or Chinese factory workers pulling a Marxian Norma Rae proletariat uprising or your stupid oversold indicators... AAPL will sell off and continue to sell off until the SPX has stopped selling off.

Yeah, I said it, the iPhone is NOT the end-all be-all centre of the fucking universe, much to my chagrin; this is about the overall market. Meaning, until the big boys decide they've fucked all of you out of your shares and are getting bargain basement deals on their shares, any pop in AAPL may be short lived...

Here are some key levels you may be interested in:


Key support is at $652.45; breaching that we see the 5o day MA at $645.00 and major support at the 50% Fibonacci retracement levels at $630.00 then $600.00

If we do get around under the $650 levels, I will indeed be interested in AAPL being ripe for a swing into earnings and possible product announcement. Anything under $630, I'll be looking buying more retardo longs; QE3 and 5 million iPhone 5's sold in 3 days is for real... the rest is just noise.

Good Luck in all your trades.

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