Minor Hockey Playoffs 2011 continued...

Disclaimer: this commentary and related videos are entirely biased toward my eldest son's team, The NW348 Whitemud West Bulldogs....it was made for him and for his team mates' enjoyment and for entertainment purposes only. Comments made here is of the opinion of the author and any offense taken to anything written here is purely coincidental and unintentional and does not reflect the opinions or sentiments of Whitemud West Hockey Assn. or the NW348 Bulldogs or any other team mentioned below.

Atom Flyers Division: NW348 WMW Bulldogs vs. NE194 Garrison Warriors

Apologies to the friends, fans, and families of the NW348 Bulldogs as I missed quite the Game 2 on Tuesday, March 15th, as we faced off against our club and divisional rivals, the NW346 Knights.

Piecing together what I've heard from both teams' parents, it was quite the game: going into the 5th OT period one-on-one with EC #4 potting the game winning goal to give our boys the victory and a pass into the quarters! And, from what I hear some of the officiating was questionable again including the tying goal and the winning goal.. heard we could've used some video replay but... whether the goal was controversial or not, the refs made the official call and finally after a full season of receiving the short end of the stick from the refs, we finally got a call going our way... I like to think of it as Karma... for this one earlier this season: against the same team; what should've been the game winning goal which called back by the refs ....

Anyways .. Game 3... quarter finals matchup versus the NE194 Garrison Warriors...winner gets a bye into the 2011 Playoff finals..

Starting the game a bit lethargic, our boys found themselves doing more watching than skating in the first few shifts; Garrison took advantage and a 2-0 lead by the fourth shift of the first period. But from that point on, Parker #1 shut the door in net and the D found their game again giving the Bulldogs a chance to mount their comeback....our boys actually out-chanced the chippy Garrison team throughout the game but could only come within one goal.... 2-1 LOSS for our boys... a good effort regardless Bulldogs!

Goal: Matthew #11; Assist to Jayden #16

Player of the game: Matthew #11
Honourable Mention: Justin #12, Michael #6

Next up: Semi finals.... Terwillegar A.. 6:15PM, Monday, March 21st...

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