Now that's better...

One simple phone call is all it took.... just got my telephone bill from Telus... credit of $25.90... wow how about that?

Back in February, I was taken aback seeing how much our fucking household monthly bills were... I looked into it further and had to make a few 'austerity measures' on a few certain items we weren't using but was paying for anyways...

I remembered a tip I got from one of those computer geeks at Memory Express: he told me I should check my home internet speed; Telus and Shaw may throttle your speed down and won't tell you about it; fucking you in the process... in fact, most ISPs will continue to charge you certain older rates for your internet service but will also offer cheaper rates for higher speeds; and/or have your service run at slower speeds and though they are paying for the higher speed and bandwidth as most clients are asshats and are oblivious to it. Most will just pay their bill every month like the fucktards that they are... So I checked it out, like the psychopath that I am....

I went to Speedtest.net and found I was paying for 6Mbps download speed (Telus highest speed back circa 2001) but getting only 3Mbps download speed; AND, the price I was paying to Telus was $5.00 more per month than the 15Mbps service they were offering without a contract.

So, with no questions asked the asshat at customer service at Telus upped me to the 15Mbps service for $10.00 LESS than what I paying per month before. Fuck me running sideways with a 1200 baud modem up my ass but I could've easily just went for the usual 6Mbps for less money but internet usage is huge in my household.

This time, I needed to fix my phone bill... we had an old phone bundle that wasn't offered anymore: included call display, call waiting, voice mail, and 200 minutes of long distance free per month... with high speed internet (15Mbps), the bill per month was $86.87!

We decided call waiting was too fucking annoying; it always beeped on a call and when you answered it usually was a degenerate phone solicitor anyways. The voice mail was always full of these vagrant 2-bit huckster bankers wanting to sell you their insurance. And we rarely used long distance. But, call display was a necessity.., the only feature we really used anyways. You never know when work is gonna call and they always do and want ya to come into work on a long weekend, when you've been pounding back the Pabst Blue Ribbon by the case... call display. Necessity.

One call to Telus to cut off some features and they automatically offered me to keep my existing package and they would give me 15% off per month! Nope... cut it down bitch-- to basic phone and one feature I told the rep... well fuck me running sideways again with that ancient modem, call display is FREE now!! Long distance is only 4cents per minute! Phone package is only $26.00 minus $5 bundle savings; total monthly bill with high speed internet would come to I expect $64.63!

A monthly savings of $22.24! Annual savings of $266.88!! With just one phone call..... Thing is, those goat fuckers at Telus should at least tell you..nope.

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youngandthrifty said...

That's great! Congratulations :) I love negotiating and calling up the big 3 companies.

That's a good idea to check the speed of your internet, no one wants to be paying for something they're not getting :(