Back to Work....Fuck you.

Back to work today... I gotta admit, I'm beat tired.

I'm still wondering how in the fuck did I get convinced that driving 6000km across the countryside with your kids going out of their fucking minds, waging WWIII with each other in the backseat and your wife out of control to the upside spending money, donating it to every Target we pass by, was supposed to be "relaxing"???

But, I'm back in the comfort of my own home now and things are just peachy keen around here due to robust $AAPL share price gains and good cocaine.

So, I was just informed by Tripadvisor.com today my posted review and little rant about that "Roach Motel" we stayed in when we passed thru Eugene, Oregon, was rejected...

It was supposed to be my honest account, on "our first-hand travel experience" staying in this fucking rat trap of a semen-infested shithole of a hotel.

Not that I give two fucks and a retarded goat about what Tripadvisor thinks of me per se, but I think as a result of their "censorship", you all can be proud of the fact people who use this site regularly or irregularly, can be "duped" into thinking this fucking hole in the ground they call a hotel is, maybe not the poshest place to stay, but still an fairly good place to stay with their 3.5 of 5 star Tripadvisor rating; all because the fucking Bible-thumpers at Tripadvisor deemed my colorful verbiage inappropriate and my experience at that particular venue NOT an accurate account because of it.

Well  fuckface, YOU stay there for a night then.. then give me your opinion.

I still get the fucking "heebie jeebies" thinking about that sorry excuse for a hotel...you know that weird 'itchy' feeling you get up your spine, kinda like the feeling you get after wading through some nasty-ass slue with brown sludge floating on top, to get your putter after you helicoptered it into said slue post- 'Nancying it" on a 3-footer putt.  Fuck, the Best Western at our next destination in Seattle that we stayed in felt like the Sultan's Suite at the Ritz fucking Carleton compared to this shithole in Eugene!

Perhaps using and trusting ABVI's own website is more your forte; they give said shithole their 4-check marks of 4 approval or "best of the best" score....

You think my language is a tad ina pro pro? Just wait til your wife wakes up to the tune of bedbug bites or hives from sleeping there... and  have paid full meal deal prices to do so to boot...

And while we're on the subject of profanity...if you are one of those freakshows that is somehow distracted by some of the four letter words here or on Facebook or my other blogs, then you Sir, are an asshat– you’re a shallow-minded vagrant that only focuses on the outer layer of things or only on appearances without acknowledging the actual issues at hand. You are 'wowed' by the sensationalism of the sugar icing and cherry on top and will ignore the cupcake is made of dogshit and piss.

And, since when is social media supposed to nice and shit?? Like you fuckers, so prim and proper online, with your oh so optimistic and motivating quips on Facebook, are that way in real life!! Please.  Fuck you and the dick you rode in on.

My online alter-ego may not be for everyone, talking shit with complete strangers about money and stocks and shit, but consider this: the Internets is a place most of you degenerates go to look for porn and free music...  If you're really paying attention, you may stumble on some good advice and a good stock tip or two..  And sometimes, just sometimes, you may just wanna put down your crack-pipe for 2 seconds and ask yourself if you're really getting the truth...

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