I'm 'Even Steven', See How Things Even Out For Me?

"Don't get too down. Everything will even out. See, I have two friends. You were up, he was down. Now he's up, you're down. You see how it all evens out for me?"
- Jerry Seinfeld

In 2008, during the peak of the recent Alberta oil boom, oil was $140/bbl, the Cdn dollar was above parity with the USD, and home values were at all time highs as was my portfolio, 100% invested in my buy and hold forever asset mix of AAPL, potash and uranium-- no worries here- everyone needs food, energy and iPhones, right? "Fuck stops" was my motto; this shit "has to" go up forever...

I was working retardo hours, as was everyone else in this province, on what seemed like the never ending money train, printing $6500 per week after taxes; and my YTD gross earnings at lifetime fucking highs. We were all rich and fucking geniuses, doing lines of blow atop escorts. Life was good indeed.

Little did I know at the time, mostly because I was too fucking cocky, too fucking complacent, and too fucking busy to pay attention what was going on in the world around me; my portfolio was suddenly losing $10K a day and was quickly going to $00.00.  By the time I finally took notice, it was already too late and everything else was going to shit and more. The Cdn dollar was teasing $0.70US on a good day, oil went to $35/bbl, and we were all wondering if we were still going to have jobs the next day, every day we showed up to work... the universe's great balancing act...

Just last weekend, as I had mentioned in earlier posts, 18 co-workers had just won the lottery, splitting over $20 million among them. I stewed over it for a few days because it stings;  it is still the hottest topic at work and I am reminded every fucking day as I used to be part of that group a couple of years ago.

I left the group because we had already won a 5 of 6 number draw-potting us a whopping $630 each, only to give it all back in the following weeks buying more tickets. I figured fuck this fucking shit, "lightening never hits the same place twice" and at the time our numbers couldn't hit a dirty vag in a whorehouse nevermind a free ticket!  Plus being cheap as fuck doesn't help my cause either... I've got better things to do with my money!!

The thing is, there's probably at least a half more dozen peeps on suicide watch now, as I know there are guys out there who've donated much more and for longer into that lottery fund than I, and either got laid off or left this job to find greener pastures elsewhere.

For me, this hurts like a missed opportunity, like selling a stock way too fucking early... Well to add to my slap in the face with hot pizza slices, I blew out my 500 shares of LNKD and 3000 shares of KORS earlier this year as part of my 'sell in May and go away event', only to see both rip tits to all time highs yesterday and now looking at my YTD on my paycheque, well, fuck me over gently, it's at 10-year lows.

Seeing how everyone else get cocaine fever yesterday, with the ECB firing up the presses, as a trader I needed to get my fucking head outta my ass and stop moping over the "shoulda, coulda, woulda's" and start looking at the "now and next".

Well, lo and behold! AAPL is at all time fucking highs! You know what that means? My portfolio is at all time fucking highs too! Timestamp that bitches! 

Funny how things even out. I'm 'Even Steven'. Time to join the cocaine party.

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