Fuck You and The Dick You Rode In On, You're Banned.

Yesterday I had to block some fucked up loser of the first order talking shit on my Stocktwits and Twitter stream.

I don't usually get annoyed with small plebs talking shit and really quite enjoy going a few rounds of punching complete strangers in the fucking face with animalistic violence over the internets. But like fuck do I have the time or patience or tolerance levels to put up with little whiny bitches that add no value or intelligence to their arguments.

So I made an outrageous EPS call on $ZNGA that you don't agree with-- saying it would beat top line but miss on revs. You fuckheads asked why I would say such garbage. I replied they've beat EPS in the past so analysts will tend to underestimate EPS but with Facebook user growth slowing and not being able to play their games over a FB mobile platform concerns me hence they may miss on revenues.  

Then this fuckface starts wigging out like some fucking belligerent asshole maniac chewing on lemons saying I had no clue what I was talking about; then taunts and insults me and continue to preach to me that twitter and stocktwits was about helping people and I was just posting utter shit. When I told him to relax, it was just an opinion-- MY OPINION ONLY; $ZNGA is down over 50% since IPO for the same reasons I stated above, he continued to talk smack and wants "to go" toe to toe, face to face, mano-a-mano in person... 

First of all, FUCK YOU. 

Secondly, FUCK YOU.  

So the fuck what?? Who gives a flying fuck and a retarded goat what I have to say?? Markets and stocks don't give a shit about what I think, nor what YOU think. Does it matter to any degenerate trader or riverboat gambler for that matter if you or I am wrong?? We trade what we see, not what we think. Only PRICE and VOLUME matter, no?

Listen up small pleb and take this message to heart as it is being delivered with the utmost spite as humanly and inhumanly possible. If you are making your investment decisions based on the advice or "calls" from complete fucking strangers over Facebook or Twitter, you fully deserve to be bowled over and tortured via dick guillotines-- perhaps mopping floors at the 7-11 should prove to be a more profitable investment strategy. And, if you continue to let your puny shit for brains act in full retard mode in my presence, talking shit to me over twitter, Facebook, or my blogs, and do so without intelligence or class, enjoy your 2 seconds of fame but prepare to accept your fate and be blocked and banned, then violently dispatched to the tar pits where you will await to be doused in piss and gasoline and lit afire. 

I will continue to make outrageous calls in the market as I see fit. Why? Because I CAN. Do your own fucking DD or get the fuck out of the markets fuckface.

Spain and Greece giving reason to hate stocks this morning. $MCD blowing their ER not helping. Markets are in full retard fuck you we're all dead mode.  Trade accordingly.

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