I Need Holiday From My Holiday....

I need a holiday from my holiday.

My deepest sympathies and condolences go out to the friends and families who lost loved ones a couple days ago in Denver.

While a great many of you are practicing the fine art of degeneracy, glomming over some psychopath with a bone to pick, who opened fire in a movie theatre in Denver and blaming the violence on video games and Rap music rather than your own asshat parenting skills, I am spending my time, as old fuckers do, by the beer fridge, grilling up dead animals and swilling on cans of Red Bull and "Chillatas" while soaking up all sorts of lavish gratuities.

I remain fixated on markets and charts as the tape on friday was bleeding out with black smoke and death. Yet, being close to annual highs, I am hedged with $AAPL longs and await the delivery of cocaine upon its earnings call next week.

After falling victim to southern BC's recent power outage crisis from some devastating winds taking out a few power lines and all local news as to what the fuck was going on was only transmitted via Facebook and Twitter as all the local news agency and media towers were all offline due to the outage too,  I found myself having to "rough it" in a hotel of all things, charging my iPhone via the cigarette lighter in my fucking minivan, wondering if it will run out of fuel before finding the next available gas station with a working pump, all the while hobnobbing and borrowing campfire shit to cook the kids supper from shirtless rednecks in cutoff jeans and sharing trashcans and toiletries with drunken hippie schlubs with big trucks.

I'm beginning to think those crazy psychopathic bastards in the Eurozone are really onto something...

The EU Supreme Court of Justice ruled last week in favour of workers being able to RECLAIM any lost holiday time due to illness. In fact, this ruling is binding to all employers throughout the EU, including Britain.

No doubt all you pikers are probably thinking "what kind of commie-ass Karl Marx bullshit is this??" If you get sick during your holiday that's just too fucking bad; How can anyone EXPECT another paid vacation just because you happen to get a fucking sniffle??

AND, considering most of these Euro- countries are just finishing up some final touches on their bailout packages or groaning under the crushing weight of their own debt and staggering unemployment problems, how preposterous of a ruling is this?? Do they not realize the crisis they are in??

Now hold on a cotton picking second here... Like you vagrants give two fucks and a gay giraffe about democracy and capitalism and freedom all of a sudden?? We're fighting fictitious wars on terrorism, spending trillions bailing out cocksucking banks that contribute nothing to society other than lining their manager's pockets and keeping interest rates at emergency levels so Big Oil can have their way with the rest of society's asses, all the while permitting fat-faced degenerates to fondle our grandparents and molest our children in our airports and our borders, and picking up the tab for our politicians' airfare on private jets so they can suck up to Hollywood whores and professional athletes jacked on steroids and coke in the name of "drumming up some business"...

So what's wrong with taking take care of the working stiff for a change then? Isn't the "consumer" the most important part of any economy?? A couple of extra days off with pay so "the working man" can save the global economy once AGAIN isn't too much to ask in my books... we'll just ask Mr. Bernanke and his Central Banker cronies to fire up the printing presses.. What's another trillion fucking dollars of counterfeit money anyways??

Have a nice weekend.

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