Jeezus Fuck Peeps, Just What the Fuck Are You Lacing Your Cocaine with???

For the love of monkeys in Shriner's hats riding bicycles, just when you thought our mortgage debt was finally going to be reigned in, Canadians are going out and taking out 8 fucking year mortgages on their cars!!  I had no idea you could even take out longer than 60 months for cars (I’m pretty sure that was the highest the last time I happened to take a look-see); proof showing Canadians are still high and continue to light up on today’s easy credit/ loose lending situation.

“More than half the Canadian car buyers who borrow to finance their vehicle purchases are taking out loans longer than six years, according to new data from J.D. Power and Associates.”

Read More at The Globe and Mail here.

At least our student loan debts are still somewhat under control (though you’d never believe it given Montreal’s protests) relative to the USA.  

HAHAHAHA!! Yeah right. Fuck, we're still hiding within the safe confines of our real estate bubble to give two fucks and a retarded goat about student loans!!

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