Calling the Top in AAPL... You Heard It Here...

That's right, you heard correctly. A top in AAPL.  A potential top anyways... and it has nothing to do with stupid valuations, fucked up PE ratios, homosexual trendlines, Steve Jobs is sick again rumours, options manipulation, @TraderFlorida, global Armafuckingeddon, or that dumbass patent case... this is all based on gut feeling and opinion.

@Zenhunter made an interesting call on RIMM yesterday on his blog post that caught my attention..his call that RIMM is in a very interesting position right now to take advantage of Samsung's setback in losing to AAPL in its latest infringment case.

I haven't looked at RIMM seriously in a very long time. I mean I know of many a Crackberry fanboy and love to engage in mortal combat with animalistic fervor every now and then as to why they're still fucked.  I owned RIMM and loved what they had going for them many an eon ago.. And not because I'm a Canadian and it's "the Canadian thing" to do. 

I initially got into RIMM at a cool $65 per share pre-split in 2007.. rode it up, captured the 3 for 1 split on Aug 27, 2007 and let it hit my stop of $120.00 post-split early November, of that same year. I had every intention of getting back in, as RIMM was on top and its potential seemed limitless at the time. In fact, I still remember kicking myself hard when it ripped tits all the way up to $140 early in 2008.

But then the big crash to end all crashes occurred and I was too busy treading in shitsoup, catching falling knives in AAPL, and wallowing in fucktarded stocks in potash and oil, to muster the kahonas to buy back into RIMM at the time. I always kept a watchful eye on them, hopeful to get buy back in when I finally recouped all my fucking money back from literally blowing myself up in 2008, as I knew mobile and smartphones would be the next wave or bubble to catch.

On that faithful day on Oct 25th, 2010, they announced the Playbook, Gut instinct told me this was going to be RIMM's ultimate demise. Why? This was indeed the day I felt RIMM had decided to stop leading the pack via innovating the things they did best like BBM and dinky little 2-handed keyboards, and START FOLLOWING AAPL into the tablet market.  Plus, their CEO focusing all his undivided attention trying to acquire an NHL hockey team didn't help their cause at the time either. Indeed, I was right; I didn't call "the top" exactly to the second but I nailed "the end".

In the last couple of days, AAPL confirmed an iPad Mini is going to be released sometime in October. And, I will be keeping my eye on this closely.


Now I have no doubt in my mind Apple will make egregious amounts of cash and add zillions into their already massive coffers from this new product alone. But unless this iPad Mini is something "revolutionary" and not JUST a smaller version of the iPad or one big ass iPod Touch, THIS event I believe this will be 'the top' in Apple and all its glory.  Yes, pundits have been consistently wrong and calling the top in AAPL since it hit the 100 roll and have been de-cocked and violently executed since and I do hope AAPL proves me wrong.

I do truly believe Apple has the next great product sitting under their very noses, whether it be China Mobile, virtual wallet, 3G iPod Nanos or iWatch, or 3G iPod Touches, I just don't believe the iPad Mini is it, despite what all you fucktarded analysts think and all you fanboys jerking off all over yourselves on news of a Mini, are spewing all over the Internets lately.

With Google sporting its fancy new Google TiSP and Cloud technology and MSFT with its Kinect and its potential to do crazy-assed  'Ironman' computer shit, responding with an oversized iPod Touch jacked to the tits on the sauce is not the answer I'm looking for in my books.  It will also prove to me they ARE more interested in going "thermonuclear" with GOOG in the courtroom and would rather follow those already in the 7" market like AMZN and Samsung now, instead of leading the pack with innovation and creativity, just as RIMM did in 2010...

Now if Apple were to follow up in Steve Jobs-esce style, just like when the public was all hot and bothered over 'netbooks' at the time, and Steve replied with a "fuck you dickwad, netbooks are for suckers" and then proceeded with giving us the first 'ultra-book', the Macbook Air instead... now THAT would be a whole different ballgame.... 

Personally I'd much rather see an iPhone Mini release.. I mean weren't cel phones getting smaller before the iPhone came out in 2007?? Isn't that whole point to being 'mobile'?? What's the deal with these fucking big screen TVs everyone is toting in their pockets these days??  Talk about turning back the hands of time...  For the love of monkeys in Shriners hats riding around on uni-cycles, we keep on going like this, we might as well be putting our fucking laptops to our ears like a big-assed Startac...  "Can you hear me now??"

The top in AAPL may no occur right away as it didn't in RIMM either, but in this day an age, if a tech company isn't innovating, they're already dead. And if AAPL isn't leading the pack... I'm out.
In the meantime, I'll sit back and enjoy the ride whilst awaiting the delivery of cocaine and we'll soon see what Apple has to offer...

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