If You Insist... AAPL

It's amusing watching all you fucktards talking shit while playing pinless hand grenade hot potato with flaccid dicks today.

But if you insist on rammiing the entire fucking crack pipe down your throat before Jackson's Hole does you that favour but thru the other side... or if you can't help yourself because you are indeed a vagrant OCD OTB guy at Binion's hopped up on the sauce, trying to get an edge on AAPL , here's what you may want to look at:

Your Fibonacci Retracement Values:

23.6% Retracement Value $654.13

38.2% Retracement Value $637.59

50.0% Retracement Value $624.21

61.8% Retracement Value $610.84

If the SPX decides to give us the fuck you, we're all dead look, peeps are predicting on twitter, AAPL tends to respond well bouncing off the 50% retracement levels, so $624.21... Plus if you're looking to get long and chase this shit up on a bounce, today's action only sees AAPL still working off some overbought conditions from its recent tit rip.

Just remember if you are thinking of staying short, iPhone 5 announcement is due Sept. 12th and here's a look at what AAPL does before its product announcements..



Long or short, an important rule I keep is ya gotta pay your due respect to them degenerate options guys... So, looking at the Max Pain OI chart, it looks like AAPL is not trading anything out of the odrdinary today in terms of options manipulation... share price tends to move away rom the highest open interest so I'd expect AAPL to float nicely between the $660 and $680 peaks.

Good luck in all your trades....

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