On Trading AAPL...

As a long time trader of $AAPL since the days of the first iPod,  I am always looking for new ideas, new strategies to trade my favourite stock...

AAPL has always been THE MOST frustrating stock to trade as just when you don't expect it to, it will rip the fuck higher or get punched in the face for no reason whatsoever on any given day. Buying on the dip has always been followed by me kicking myself in the nads only to see it fall lower and taking profits now and then has always led to me losing my shares prematurely and having to chase it the fuck up later.  Shit like moving averages, stochastics, and MACD, I have found with AAPL to be 'lagging indicators' and you are usually too fucking late for the cocaine party or left waiting for dogshit to smell pretty again; this is especially amplified when dealing with fucktarded gap ups or gap downs and little bitch Samsung rumours on a daily basis.

Typically when I am trading on a very short term basis like a fucking coke-addled baboon, I like to use the buying higher highs and sell on lower lows strategy or micro-trends.  And, I have been known to play with swing points with little success... Though I primarily like to use fundamentals as a basis for most my research on stocks, I love the use of technicals to eliminate noise and emotion when trading stocks.

Most recently I have taken on a whole new paradigm in thinking with respect to AAPL's stock price and how it is manipulated via the options markets.  I've been experimenting with Travis Lewis at AAPLPAIN.COM's poor mans algo and OI/Max pain theory to trade a small allocation of AAPL longs every week and it has been going quite swimmingly...though I've held off selling these shares the last 2 weeks to get in on the AAPL divvy ramp up.

Another strategy I have been using the last 2 years, I have found quite successful, especially when markets turn to shit during the summer doldrums months and I am feeling I need to slow the fuck down and trade less or risk surprise sex or spontaneous de-cocking, is using Bollinger Bands, RSI, and the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) to indicate oversold or overbought conditions.

As shown above, my BUY or ADD points are when the CCI shows an oversold signal going below the -100 line, share price breaches the bottom Bollinger band, and RSI Oscillator (set at 9 periods) falls below the 30 line; all hit its triggers at the SAME time.

When taking profits, one can use the same strategy but in reverse. So when share price breachs the upper BB band, RSI goes above the 70 line, and CCI is above the +100, time to take profits.  I have noticed when the overall market and AAPL goes on an all out gorilla run for the ages, like it did from January to April this year, a lot of profits are left on the table using this method as a SELL strategy. In cases like this, instead of selling, I will use a trailing stop, raising it as AAPL share price does lines of blow.

So is it time to SELL now? Well, I'm definitely taking a closer look and raising my stops as its share price touches the upper BB band again near $639... and all other indicators are screaming "SELL"...  using this method, I have also found you STILL gotta respect those degenerate options guys before hitting any buttons, BUY or SELL....

If all else fails, it has been an age old proven strategy to buy AAPL on any dip, forget about it, and hold it forever and then some. 

Disclaimer: I am stupid-as-fuck long AAPL.

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