TIMESTAMP: I Shit My Pants......

Fuck you and your "TIME STAMPING" trades.

The only person that gives two fucks about MY portfolio is yours truly.

I made a valiant attempt at doing that shit in the past on Twitter thinking it may earn some kind of 'respect' from all you other trader schmoes but soon realized, that's fucked. Who the fuck cares?? That's no different than trying to keep up with the fucking Joneses! 

"Timestamp! New granite countertops!! $5 Grand. Called it!!"

"Trip to Mexico! Again! Timestamp!" 

So this is supposed to make me more credible?? Fuck you guys.

Unless of course I was selling a paid service and needed to "prove my worth" to all you fucking plebs out there, then and only then, I can see a point to all this "timestaping" bullshit. Isn't there enough of these Timothy Sykes fucktards out there already...?  Then there's that "Florida" guy...

I am NO professional market maker and have no agenda to seek to be a "tabbed" or paid blogger....  A great many of you are used to these 2-bit hucksters begging for your business or your pity or at minimum, an 'attaboy' for all your efforts.   Then, there are those of you fucktards who feel they are doing "great deeds" or "saving" us all from moral decay and evil bankers and shyster real estate guys... thinking yourselves as some sort of superhero caped crusader hellbent on "fixing things" thru blogging and accumulating Facebook 'Likes'...  I don't blame you for your biased opinion about people like me nor do I give a fuck.

Well go Disney your fat ass elsewhere, I'm not that guy. 

I came to these "hallowed halls" seeking entertainment, new ideas, and comraderie with 'like-minded' individuals. Also, to document my own narrow-minded ideas and experiences as a degenerate trader and to save my wife, who already thinks I literally jumped off the fucking deep end, from listening to me rant every 10 fucking minutes about Wall Street and shit.

Anyways, I see all my AAPL SELL triggers got hit on the 14th and I should have been taking in some egregious profits now that the divvy has been already doled out... but, in this fucktarded method I trust, I ain't selling jack shit yet...

On the 14th I did set a SELL order for $640.00 and raised my stop to $624 (the LOD for the previous day) yet it never got filled as HOD was $638.61..  Since some of us pikers haven't given up our day jobs to become degenerate OTB guys yet, I didn't get the chance to throw in another order... 

Today I see AAPL is teasing he upper Bollinger Band again so I set my SELL order today just under the $645.29.. at $641.00, which is also the 'all time highs' resistance.   

Yes, I probably missed out on quite a few profits, but the whole point of this method I have been experimenting with is to trade less especially during the tedious summer months...

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