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In the immortal words of our grand poohbah and blogfather on iBC, George Hamilton, Senor Tropicana, Horatio Clawhammer, or as most know him, Le Fly:  The Truth:

Groupon and Zynga Both Suck Dick

By The Fly – Mon Aug 13, 2012 10:18pm

In the future, when people google the words “Groupon” or “Zynga”, to learn about what these companies were all about, I want this post to be the number 1 result.

Why do I want this?

I do not desire #1 page rank for selfish reasons–quite the opposite, actually. I want the people to know that both ZNGA and GRPN sucked dick, frauds sent to us by the criminals at Margin Stanley, and did so without dignified decorum.

Since the days of the dot bomb, I’ve never seen such carnage take place in “buzz word” stocks that were thrusted upon the retail investor–like today’s social media catastrophe.

Both ZNGA and GRPN are down a good 70% for the year, much more than that from the annual highs. This is not happenstance or accident, but by design! I dare say, the insiders and bankers alike knew the businesses were on the verge of slowing. The greedy vulture capitalists clamored for an exit. Instead of having the companies issue shares at reasonable valuations, knowing they were in the 9th inning of growth, all parties stole from the market, selling at the very top.

Some might say it is not the responsibility of the vulture capitalist or investment banker to offer a “fair price” to the unsuspecting retail investor. To them I say, when will integrity mean anything to you? Maybe now or tomorrow? How about ever?

The reason why most Americans would prefer to gouge out the eyes of their local banker, instead of shaking his hand, is because of shit like ZNGA, GRPN and most certainly FB.

In closing, CEO’s and employees of Groupon and Zynga: you suck dick and will continue to suck dick until your fat, bloated, pigshit companies wash away in the sands of time.



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