A Lot of Smack Talk Going On... AAPL

Across the internets, the pundits are talking shit again... listen to you fuckfaces, a couple of down days and no right the fuck now FED cocaine, everyone running for the fucking hills! Sad indeed.

Today marks the day of Tim Cook's 1st year anniversary as being promoted to CEO of AAPL. Despite he adding $260 Billion more to its value, AAPL is done for yet again on news of AAPL losing a patent case in Korea for a penalty of $35,300 (net $13,300), Chinese not thinking the iPhone is cool anymore, and your daily dose of "Apple only downhill from here because Steve Jobs is dead" news.

AAPL pre-market trading is red and the call on Stocktwits is anything under $660.00, share price goes to $640.00 then $600.00 with a real market valuation of $00.00... suddenly "Mark Zuckerberg being the next Steve Jobs" rings true... Please.

If you insist on sitting at the OTB guy table at the Fitz, here's what you may want to know:

Max Pain:

And Open Interest: 

I expect the trade range to be between a $650 to $670 crack spread this morning as the weekies expire, perhaps pinning $655, more likely the $660 strike....After 3:30PM, all bets are off and back to heaven and more...  

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