Spoke Too Soon.. Now What?

So much for our fucking parabolic gorilla run for the ages... AAPL is selling off now like Peter Thiel was selling them to you at the Costco hot dog stand, after a egregious gap UP open of $670.82 and ripping to all-time record intraday high of $674.88...

So, for those interested and wondering if you should panic sell or try to get in on the landmine juggling action.. here are your Fibonacci retracement numbers:

23.6% Retracement Value
38.2% Retracement Value
50.0% Retracement Value
61.8% Retracement Value
I, for one, am still retardedly long as fuck and will wait on better prices, near the 50% RT levels or even the lower BB to acquire more shares for the iPhone5 rip...if it breaks thru yesterdays low of $649.90, I will take more profits via letting it hit my stop there... Good Luck in all your trades.

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