How Do You Like Them AAPLs??

A random short story for you to ponder...

One day a degenerate vagrant in burlap hoodie asked a Zen master: "How should one practice Tao?"

The Zen master replied: "Eat when you are hungry, sleep when you are tired, Fuckface"

The vagrant said: "Well, most people do that."

The Zen master explained: "No, no, not so, my fuckfaced friend. When they eat, they do not want to just eat but talk shit of this or that; when they go to sleep, they do not want to just sleep but talk shit of this or that."

It never ceases to amaze me how fast you limp-dicked burrito fuckers on the Internets turn. Barely 24 hours ago, AAPL was THE stock to BUY at any cost ; Tim Cook was the second coming of Mathatma Gandhi, and its share price was going to Heaven and more.

By noon yesterday, AAPL was "topping out", "exhaustion gapped","finished", done for, nothing without Steve Jobs. Take your losses now, buy a new Samsung Galaxy IIIS or forever be fucked in the eternal depths of Hades.

So, did I cave under the peer pressure and blow out my AAPL shares yesterday?? Fuck no. I'm thinking of holding tight just to piss you fuckers off. You do understand 'spite' can be an incredible motivator...

Although the 'dark cloud cover' candle it printed yesterday with massive volume on a down day is still a concern, AAPL is still in an uptrend, not being able to breach the day before's LOD; and bouncing off the previous day's gap and the 23.6% Fib retracement...


What does concern me is how long AAPL can continue holding up the SPY... which is at a critical point today sitting on support/ former resistance, having printed a nasty engulfing candle, and looking to gap DOWN this morning. My line in the sand sits at SPY 141.50, the juncture where the SPY topped out last in April, and also the last major obstacle in its way before seeing its all-time highs set in Oct, 2007.


I find it hard to remain overly bullish in this environment and AAPL right here, feeling it may need to pull back before AAPL stair steps up the wall of worry to my estimate of $680.00 into the iPhone 5 release date. Take profits if you must... my stop will be at yesterday's low confirming any breach to be a break in the current trend...

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