Sometimes You Gotta Get Back Old School...

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AAPL is officially in full retard to the upside runaway train parabolic mode, lopping dicks off anyone that stands in its path.

I have to admit this parabolic move, 3 fucking weeks earlier than expected, caught me entirely off guard and I spent all of yesterday stewing over it like a little bitch after letting a few of my trader shares go on Friday.

My initial targets were $645.00 at the upper Bollinger Band and all-time intraday highs against resistance; hoping I could take a few profits and snag up more shares on the cheap counting it would bounce off and retrace a tad before ramping up into the Sept.12 iPhone5 announcement.

From experience with owning AAPL and trading it over the last decade, even if every single technical indicator is flashing overbought levels; and every instinct in your body tells you you should never chase a stock that goes straight the fuck up, AAPL has also been known rip the fuck higher despite you and your 300 asshat reasons why it should correct. No one can tell when this retardo parabolic move will end; but everyone knows, when you're dealing with AAPL, it can certainly run longer than anyone thinks.

Sometimes you just gotta go back old school. Forget all your dumbass algos, homosexual trend lines, fibonacci equations, retardo signals and every other bullshit reason why you should get the fuck out of a winning trade; and just sit back and enjoy the ride... Old School .

Good Morning.

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