"Whatever!" is The New AAPL!

An amusing thread I saw this morning on a friend's wall on Facebook...

Ah yes, the infamous cliche "At the end of the day...", an irritating inanity a lot of fucktards use to indicate closure or synopsis of a stated point because of the simple fact they are indeed asshats, who are incapable of finishing a complete sentence without a tired cliche incorporated in it. 

Seeing this thread this morning made me chuckle reminsciencing of a poll mentioned all over the news a few years ago. This was not the most annoying crutch in this poll, but still in the top fucking FOUR...  with "whatever" ranking Number 1 in irritability; followed by "you know.." and "it is what it is.." placing above "at the end of the day" in pique precedence.

I would add "my bad", "just sayin'", "it's all good", "it isn't rocket science..", and "can't fix stupid.." to MY personal list.

I found this quite amusing since degenerate stock traders, likewise, have their own vernacular including such utterances as "bulls", "bears", "seeking Alpha", "dead money", "death cross"' "bearshitter", "trader-bots", "full retard", "the Bearded Clam", "clown rape", "boot-stomp", "gorilla run", "cocaine and hookers" and "goat fuckers". 

The Fly, a sage in the financial blogging world, nailed it when he said it best:

"In the real world, people who manage money have disgusting, filthy, mouths, cussing at old ladies in wheeled chairs and spitting at the homeless. But somehow, someway, when these charlatans made it online, their salesmen hats went on and they became very prim and proper, coming across as bland, rigid, checkered pants republicans (no Savage)."

And, this I'm assuming also applies when they make appearances talking shit on the TV and radio, Cramer-style... I highly recommend you refer to the iBC Financial Dictionary if you have any questions in any of the financial lingo your pea-sized gray matter inside your skulls can't handle...

Anyways, it was amusing to me because until only recently, my wife actually thought I was making all that shit up until she overheard some of these words used on some documentary on the 2008 crash I was watching on the teevee.  You must excuse my wife's naivity; when I was running my kid's hockey team's webpage a couple of year's ago, she also thought I was creating my own 'hockeyspeak', if you will, out of thin air; words such as "spinorama", "saucer pass", "cherry-picker", "change on the fly", and  "startin' the lawnmower." ; until some commentators on Hockey Night in Canada were using those adages one evening..

"WHAT??? Those are real words???" She asked.  "That how they talk, Honey."

Back to my point about all those fucking annoying cliches, traders have them too.. Though I haven't ranked them as did the Marist Institute for Public Opinion did in their poll, I do know the Top 3 on my list by far for most annoying are:  "_______  IS THE NEW AAPL!", "Mark Zuckerberg, the next Steve Jobs..",  "_________, the iPod (iPhone, iPad)-Killer..." 

Others unranked thus far include:

"painting the tape"

"squeeze the shorts"

"MOMO stocks.."

"gentlemen prefer bonds"

"it's different this time.."

"we're different here.."

"nice healthy pullback.."

"US-style housing crash.."

"inflection point"

"fade the gap.."

"housing has bottomed.."

"holding up well..."


"money can't buy happiness"

"money isn't everything. you know.."

"the value of money.."

"It's only a paper loss, it'll come back.."

"stocks ALWAYS come back.."

"a fool and his money.."

"poised to clear next resistance.."

"needs to rest after a nice run.."

"greed is good"

"chasing returns"


"dovish" or "hawkish"

"all boats rise..."

"tightening the target..."

Any ones I've left out? I would like to know....

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